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DS:UK - The Dire Straits Tribute
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My history with Dire Straits (Pt 1)

Why are more fans going to see tribute bands?

Check out this interesting discussion on the BBC Radio Facebook page today

DS:UK on Youtube - 7.5m views and counting....

Last year, we were asked to record our live version of Brothers in Arms with Sina for her outstanding your tube channel “Sina Drums”
(Subscribe here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGn3-2LtsXHgtBIdl2Loozw )

The venture has been a huge success with Sina, amassing 7.4 million views in the last 17 months and we regularly receive messages from her followers around the world who have seen our video and want to connect with the band.

The video has 32k likes, which is awesome, and we’re so glad to everyone that took the time to click the “Like” button.

In contrast, there are also 1.9k Dislikes but there could be any number of reasons for that: “crimes against Knopfler”, the mix, the fat guy playing Knopfler licks, that it’s played on a Greco Les Paul and not a Gibson Les Paul, the Mic being used to record the vocal, my shirt..... could be anything. So we can only say “thanks for the view!”

We’re being asked to do more collaborations with Sina - which Dire Straits songs would you like to see us cover with her?

"Sold Out" Weekend at the Trading Boundaries

Dire Straits UK Sold out Weekend

Massive thanks to all of the lovely staff at the exclusive Trading Boundaries venue in Uckfield for our March 10th and March 11th shows. This amazing weekend SOLD OUT to give us a packed room of Dire Straits fans enjoying our music to candlelight, good food and drink in tranquil and unique surroundings.

DS:UK 2018 sell out shows at Trading Boundaries

Many thanks to all of the staff at Trading Boundaries for such a fabulous weekend, and we look forward to playing there in 2019 with our upcoming tour.... more to be revealed later!

Dire Straits Inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 2018


The members of DS:UK are ecstatic to extend our warmest congratulations to all of the members of Dire Straits for their induction into the Hall of Fame.

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Congratulations to John Illsley, David Knopfler, Guy Fletcher, Alan Clarke, Phil Palmer, Pick Withers, Chris Whitten, Chris White, Hal Lindes, Jack Sonni, Paul Franklin, Danny Cummings and, of course, Mark Knopfler!

Why it has taken so long, we have no idea.

We started DS:UK in honour of Dire Straits and to play their music to fans like us is a dream come true for all of us. We strive to be a fitting tribute to Mark’s band and Mark’s music and we hope that fans of Dire Straits will come out to see us during 2018 and beyond to help us pay great respects to the timeless Dire Straits.

Congratulations to you all.

Dave, Al, Alec, Rick, Lac and Chris.

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