DS:UK on Youtube - 7.5m views and counting....

Last year, we were asked to record our live version of Brothers in Arms with Sina for her outstanding your tube channel “Sina Drums”
(Subscribe here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGn3-2LtsXHgtBIdl2Loozw )

The venture has been a huge success with Sina, amassing 7.4 million views in the last 17 months and we regularly receive messages from her followers around the world who have seen our video and want to connect with the band.

The video has 32k likes, which is awesome, and we’re so glad to everyone that took the time to click the “Like” button.

In contrast, there are also 1.9k Dislikes but there could be any number of reasons for that: “crimes against Knopfler”, the mix, the fat guy playing Knopfler licks, that it’s played on a Greco Les Paul and not a Gibson Les Paul, the Mic being used to record the vocal, my shirt..... could be anything. So we can only say “thanks for the view!”

We’re being asked to do more collaborations with Sina - which Dire Straits songs would you like to see us cover with her?