Sultans of Swing FTW with Sina again on Drums (we still love Alec, honest!)

Following the success of the Brothers in Arms video with Sina, we were asked to once again play with her - this time for the iconic Sultans of Swing.

Sina is doing a magnificent job with her Sina-Drums channel we we’re delighted to be able to help support her and get her brand out into the world.

This video was recorded slightly differently to the last Brothers in Arms video. Rather than Sina adding her drums to our studio recording, she sent us her Drum track and we brought the guys into White Room Studio to put down the rest of the song just for her.

The comments have been overwhelmingly supportive so far and if you’re a drumming fan, give her page a Sub... it all helps her.

In the meantime, enjoy the video we made together of Sultans of Swing.